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Of Late I Think Of My Folk

Some days ago, I texted the guy who hosted my blog for free and asked how he has been doing. He went back to Vietnam 4 months ago after maybe nearly 10 years living in the United States. He is one of a very few people I respect in Texas. While almost everyone will tell you how dumb you are when you date an abroad student (just like you) or you should get some fake marriage because that’s what a good child is supposed to do so you can pay your parents’ investment back, he simply told me to just do whatever makes me happy.

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To All Of The Good Unexpected Things In My Life

The Pink Room I always need some time to cope with a new room or a new house. Moving in feels like to be forced to make best friend forever with a total stranger who I don’t know if they’re a good fit or have some bad habits I can’t stand. Thus I rarely arrange my room when I just move in (beside another reason that I’m an lazy ass). I would wait for some days or weeks until I get to know the room, the windows and the light better, until I feel ready to make a commitment with…

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The Time Of Our Lives

Photo: Phan Nam


It’s been quite a while since my last journal. I was so caught up with the release of Moonbow Express Platform 3 that it had been the only thing in my mind for days. Creating the MailChimp’s template, making a promo video, sending out the PDF versions, editing all kinds of documents… I enjoyed doing all of those but at the same time, it drained my energy and took up so much time. Also, the quest of finding a sublet here in Boston hasn’t helped at all. Okay, it was a nightmare to be honest.

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Farewell, Lone Star

I- The Lone Star Maybe you don’t know just yet, but “Lone Star” is Texas’s nickname. On May 16, I spent the last night with my Lone Star. I came to Texas 5 years ago, much more innocent and less cynical. There have been so many things happening here, things I would never forget as they already became a part of who I am. But do I love Texas? Funny how things are, you know. Some people you love by choice, because they’re cool, they’re beautiful or they get you. But some others, you only feel the connection after winding…

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Why I Didn’t Walk On My Graduation Day

Today while panickily packing my stuff to move out, I realized that everyone around me was celebrating their graduation. My former classmates in Communications department have flooded my Facebook news feed with bright smiles and shout-outs for weeks. As for myself, I decided to skip the ceremony like the last time I did on my community college’s graduation day. Not being sure about a plan for a Master’s degree, I realized that I possibly already missed the last commencement of my lifetime.  As I became aware of that, for a moment I freaked out wondering if later in life I…


On the note of love

Some days ago, a young friend of mine texted me and asked if I knew the definition of love, or more on point, how to know if he really loved that girl he was seeing.

“Sure I like her a lot,” he asked, more curious than confused. “But is there anything missing which I should know?”

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My terrible wife

There are days I wish I could be good at some other things besides writing. It’s not that I’m superb at writing, but I’m only good at it and terrible at pretty much anything else. Once in a while I wanted to do something else to earn some money. I tried, I tried real hard but no matter how much I did, I failed. In the end, writing was like a bitchy wife waiting for me at home and laughed at my miserable distorted face when she saw me dragging my legs back home, no money, no nothing.

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The last writing of 2015

Im a hard-core fan of Buddha (a.k.a a Buddhist). And sometimes in my life I wanna raise my kids as atheists until they’re mature enough to choose their own gods (or not). I know it’s almost an impossible task given that I believe in all the karma, teachings stuff, and don’t want my kids to expose to any possible chance of rotting in hell. But yeah, I still think of that now and then.

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The lovely confidence.

Sometime I ask you why you didn’t find me earlier. You’ve visited my hometown several times, were there any chances we bumped into each other but then glided past? If we had found each other sooner, there would’ve been less pain we had to suffer. Or at least, on my side of the story. But then I realized such theory wasn’t right. Pains are good lessons to make us better. I’ve learnt a lot from it so that today I can be your own perfect girl. And the most important lesson is to learn how to be myself fully but…

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