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On the note of love

Some days ago, a young friend of mine texted me and asked if I knew the definition of love, or more on point, how to know if he really loved that girl he was seeing.

“Sure I like her a lot,” he asked, more curious than confused. “But is there anything missing which I should know?”

I replied saying I didn’t know the exact definition of love and I doubted if anyone ever did. For me personally I think someone’s definition is just his projection of who he is and what have happened in his life. A loyal, realistic person would define love as a mutual and constant commitment while a romantic kinda-jerk soul would advice you to simply break up the moment you feel nothing left between you too. It depends. No one is completely right.

I know one thing though. No matter who you’re in relationship with or marry, there must be at least one point in life, for someone, you feel as if your heart were melting as you see their smile and time stopped when you look into their eyes. And no, it’s not a metaphor.

That one might not be the one you love or having anything with. But she’s the one who makes you wonder “What if” even for just a moment. You guys might not even have the chemistry or whatever people suppose will make it work, you meet each other at the wrong time. However, she’s able to activate your imagination, show you a parallel universe where all of this end up differently, maybe.

That’s what I told my young friend on the note of love. I didn’t forget to warn him that it was not love though, not always.

“But it’s nice to feel it, at least for once,” I typed. “And that might be the thing you miss out.”

“So, suppose that one day I meet that girl whose smile melts my fcking heart while I’m being in a relationship, what should I do?”

Young boys never learn, I sighed and tried to be patient. Did he see I had told him the answer was never completely right? But if he ever experiences what I described, consider himself a lucky man.

The conversation reminded me of a 20-ish-worded story I wrote a long time ago (for a contest which I lost to some cheesy bastards). Anyway, this is the story:

I met the love of my life 2 weeks after I met my girlfriend.

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