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The lovely confidence.

Sometime I ask you why you didn’t find me earlier. You’ve visited my hometown several times, were there any chances we bumped into each other but then glided past? If we had found each other sooner, there would’ve been less pain we had to suffer. Or at least, on my side of the story.

But then I realized such theory wasn’t right. Pains are good lessons to make us better. I’ve learnt a lot from it so that today I can be your own perfect girl. And the most important lesson is to learn how to be myself fully but still loving with all my heart. It wasn’t as easy as it sounds. (and girls, you rarely recognize it until, if you’re lucky enough, your relationship ends.)

When you told me the man you used to be, I knew I would have tried to change you a lot if I had been in a relationship with you back then. And that would be painful for both of us. It might have been useless after all. We shouldn’t intervene when life is doing its part. The destiny told us to patiently wait for each other to prepare ourselves for the another. And the destiny was right, as always.

So, thank you for becoming the man you are being now. Thank you for your love. I had never believed that a guy could love me wholeheartedly and that I was perfect in his eyes until I met you. Your love gives me a sense of confidence I haven’t felt before. For the first time in my life, I truly believe the man I’m being in love with can’t ever find a better girl than me, a girl who loves him and be meant for him more than me. And it’s not arrogant. Everything comes in a balance. For the first time in my life, I truly believe I won’t ever find a better guy than you, a guy who loves me more than you, a guy I belong to more than you. You are The One.

Both of us have gone through a long journey to find each other and ourselves. From now on, I think we have the love we really deserve, for both sides of the story.

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