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Moonbow Express Journal

Moonbow Express Journal is an indie online magazine for Vietnamese nomads. The magazine features their authentic stories about places they have been or share a profound connection with. We focuses on the relationship between that person and the location, rather than merely traveling as an accomplishment.

More than just a magazine, Moonbow Express is a beautifully-curated exhibition of wanderlust in words and pictures brought to you digitally on issuu.

To receive the PDF versions (Single Page and Spread), please subscribe here.

Every new Platform is released on Equinox and Solstice dates of the year, which makes Moonbow Express a quarterly magazine you can enjoy once a season.


Platform 2: Nhìn Xuống Ngân Hà – Đọc Phiên Bản Online



Platform 1: Giờ Đã Là Lúc Sống Giấc Mơ Đời Mình – Đọc Phiên Bản Online

Moonbow Express Platform 1 Cover

Rio Lam Signature

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