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A little painter

So today there’re some guests coming over my relatives’ house to have a dinner. They took their children along with them.

Here’s my conversation with a little boy who draws a ninja.

Ben: hey, see my drawing.

Rio: oh, cool. You’re talented.

Ben: i love drawing.

Rio: are you gonna become a painter?

Ben: i like it. But my parents want a doctor.

Rio: how do you know?

Ben: they told me that.

Rio: but you wanna become a painter, don’t you?

Ben: I do.

Rio: i think your parents will be happy when you’re happy.

Ben: are you sure?

Rio: not sure. But i guess so. Will you be happy if you are a painter?

Ben: maybe.

Rio: so, just wait. If you really wanna do it, just do it.

[a while later]

Ben: I hate doctors. I dont wanna see them or become a doctor.

Rio: i hate doctors too.


Ben: can you draw?

Rio: No, I can’t.

Ben: such a pity.

Rio: what’s pity?

Ben: if you can draw, I will like you very much.

Rio: so you don’t like me now?

Ben: er… I meant… I will notice you and we can draw together.

Rio: you mean love?

[he ran away] xD
[and then he went back ]

Ben: if you can draw, I will love you.



This is his drawing, ninja from Naruto. I guess he’s about 5 or 6 years old.

Be careful, my boyfriend !!! xD

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