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The First and The Last

Photo: Phan Nam

Once in a while, I asked myself or someone else, “Hey, when was the last time we did that thing?” More often than not we can’t find the answer as time has passed by so fast and so cruelly. Looking through the scope of memory, even a trivial event seems more than what I thought it would be when I was doing it. Like the last time at Bear and I went to our favorite coffeehouse in Dallas, or the last time I hugged Iris before departing to Boston. Some of the lasts, we anticipated; some we hadn’t until we could no longer do it.

In the same way, the first times of everything happened without any prior warning. Like the first time I met Nhi or Rackety or Zi or chi Mai or so many people I love. They appeared just like any normal person and I hadn’t known how much important they would become later in my life until they already had.

Those are the reasons for this logbook.


May 15

  • Last: Eating at Osaka Sushi Buffet, Plano, TX. With: Iris Le and a Phuc
  • Last: Staying at Di Giao’s house
  • Last: Visiting di Giao, di Ba and di Tu (and the cousins)
  • Last: Having a coffee date with Bear at Union, Dallas, TX


  • First: Meeting Rackety
  • First: Shenandoah Skydrive
  • First: Meeting Phuong and Trinh


  • First: Meeting VietChallenge team. The very first one I met was Long at VDC. He wore a freaking purple suit.



  • Last: a long road trip with Zi and Squid


  • First: my family visiting the U.S., seeing the Grand Canyon, Los Angeles, San Francisco


December 27

  • First: Meeting Bear in person. (Also Squid – Zi’s husband)

December 16

  • First: Winter Trip. Los Angeles – Palo Alto (Facebook, Google, NASA) – Denver – Chicago – New Year Eve in New York


  • First: Grand Canyon


March 20

  • First: Touching down the U.S.

February 4

  • First: U.S. Visa
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