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On This Side Where Everything Will Go On

There are tons of emotional meaningful content on the Internet, but video clips of someone convincing another person not to suicide always get me. That kind of clips contains a lot of things that are beyond my knowledge and emotion. I majored in Public Relations – a critical part of my career is to pursue people to do something. Sometimes you have to negotiate to pursue. And most of the times, to negotiate means to compromise. Yet in what way can one person compromise with another person being on the edge of a suicide? It’s truly a win-lose but very delicate…

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My terrible wife

There are days I wish I could be good at some other things besides writing. It’s not that I’m superb at writing, but I’m only good at it and terrible at pretty much anything else. Once in a while I wanted to do something else to earn some money. I tried, I tried real hard but no matter how much I did, I failed. In the end, writing was like a bitchy wife waiting for me at home and laughed at my miserable distorted face when she saw me dragging my legs back home, no money, no nothing.

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