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Of Late I Think Of My Folk

Some days ago, I texted the guy who hosted my blog for free and asked how he has been doing. He went back to Vietnam 4 months ago after maybe nearly 10 years living in the United States. He is one of a very few people I respect in Texas. While almost everyone will tell you how dumb you are when you date an abroad student (just like you) or you should get some fake marriage because that’s what a good child is supposed to do so you can pay your parents’ investment back, he simply told me to just do whatever makes me happy.

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Farewell, Lone Star

I- The Lone Star Maybe you don’t know just yet, but “Lone Star” is Texas’s nickname. On May 16, I spent the last night with my Lone Star. I came to Texas 5 years ago, much more innocent and less cynical. There have been so many things happening here, things I would never forget as they already became a part of who I am. But do I love Texas? Funny how things are, you know. Some people you love by choice, because they’re cool, they’re beautiful or they get you. But some others, you only feel the connection after winding…

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Bài thơ Tạ từ của Misao Fujimura

(Photo: Zi Nguyen)

Misao Fujimura là một cậu học sinh Nhật chưa đến 17 tuổi, cháu của một võ sĩ samurai. Khi bị người thương từ chối tình cảm, cậu đau buồn và đi đến quyết định tự tử. Đây là bài thơ cậu khắc lên gốc cây trước giờ phút cuối của một cuộc đời còn rất trẻ.

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