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Another Day

So, I’ve started to write in English. Let’s say, my English is not quite good (and sometimes I even don’t feel like writing in Vietnamese), but I think it’s already the right time for me to give myself a chance. With practice, maybe one day I will see my works on somewhere in the States.

I was hiding in the corner of the small cafe, stirring a steaming hot cup of coffee, and looking out the window. The outdoors was covered with a light; but gloomy and cold enough to freeze anyone’s heart curtain of rain. Opposite me was the laptop screen, a few assignments not done yet, the Facebook news feed, a few funny websites. The cozy smell of roasted coffee spread all over the shop. Somehow I feel a little bit lucky with this cup full of hot coffee, especially on a rainy day.

Rainy days back when I had still lived in my hometown also smelled roasted coffee, like this, but not quite like this.

A few people walked by the glass window, hastily fled the rain. I couldn’t see if they were smiling or frustrating, but I know they all were trying to hide from the rain. They were all wet.

Suddenly I got startled.

A guy just glided past. He looked so like one of my friend in my old hometown, with his square face, thick eyebrows and bright eyes.  I stopped stirring café, and wondered, “Is it a dream?”

I typed on the laptop’s keyboard, “My dear, I just saw a man so identical to you that I gotta pause for a sec and wonder if I was dreaming.”


The next day, I woke up in the morning after a mere 4-hour sleep. Last night, I finished my shift and went home at 10 pm, alone, do what needed to be done daily, dragged in bed and started feeling dizzy. This morning, like every morning, a series of daily routines was took place all over again. I dragged my feet to the bathroom with my eyes barely opened, brushed teeth, cleaned my face. I could hear in my head a song of Paul McCartney popping up.

It’s just another day.

It’s just another day.

No one comes to break the spell.

It took me thirty minutes to drive to school. The sun was right in front. I turned left, went straight, turned right, went straight, straight, straight, straight, to school. I ran around in the parking, cursed three times, braked abruptly two times, finally found a quite good slot. Just right at the moment I parked completely, the radio played my favorite song. I cursed the fourth time.

After school, I got to workplace late. I carried two bags running like crazy through the building, pressed the elevator to the third floor, went straight, turned right and almost hit the door of the office. No one saw me. I might have been a really lucky bastard. A lucky and bored bastard in this miserable and boring world.

I sat down at the desk and opened my laptop. There were some notifications on facebook, including his.

“Lil’ sista, such a coincidence. Yesterday was the 60th anniversary of my school. I also met a girl who looked just like you. I thought there was any chance you coming back home but I didn’t know.”


Me: – You know that girl?

Him: – Yes

Me : – Send me her facebook, kay?

Him: – She only got a face like yours. Nothing else special

Me: – You think there could be another girl as special as me? LOL!

Him: – Ah ha, no one. Truly.

I got nothing to tell him. I was sitting there, wondering if I was truly special, or I was just another boring and alone individual in this immense but crowded world.

As she posts another letter to The Sound of Five.

People gather ’round her.

And she finds it hard to stay alive

Smell of roasted coffee steamed up in the air.

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  1. Emily.lil Emily.lil

    so sensitive….

  2. Sometime I feel like writing English ‘cuz, I don’t know why, that language just keep my mind easy and clear lol.
    Sometime I really afraid to say or write in Vietnamese. It just mess up my head & make things worse 😛

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