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101 Personal Branding for A (Very) Ordinary Folk – Part 2


As mentioned in the previous article, in this part, I’ll talk about the most basic tactics in personal branding. They’re doable for everyone. Thus I would like to repeat: this is the series for starters in self personal branding who don’t figure out their uniqueness yet.

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101 Personal Branding For A (Very) Ordinary Folk – Part 1

I’ve been thinking about writing an article about personal branding. The reason I hesitated was because this subject has been discussed by ample people who are way more famous and credible than I am. But two days ago, it came to me that there were some corners left in this area which hadn’t been covered yet. And in those corners, my targeted audience is waiting.

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The last writing of 2015

Im a hard-core fan of Buddha (a.k.a a Buddhist). And sometimes in my life I wanna raise my kids as atheists until they’re mature enough to choose their own gods (or not). I know it’s almost an impossible task given that I believe in all the karma, teachings stuff, and don’t want my kids to expose to any possible chance of rotting in hell. But yeah, I still think of that now and then.

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I’m on the road, and I will always be.

Source: Phan & Lâm – Love Hits The Road Recently, I have got bored of a lot of things: social media, music, news, people (either public figures or some of my friends), even writing. At some point, I’m even freaked out thinking how my life would turn if nothing could lift my mood up, nothing could give me goosebumps just thinking of it, nothing could make me so excited that I felt as if there were an aura glowing around my head. But after all, I still get all of those when I’m planning for an upcoming trip. I already…

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Let’s Talk Social Media: The Art of Being True to Your Self… or Selves

I have never written a serious entry about Public Relations before for two reasons.  The first was because I wanted to reserve this space only for literature – the best things I would ever put into words.  Secondly, I was not positive enough of my experience. Everything I know, there are people who know it better and they already published books analyzing every tiny fraction.But today I want to share this; the first and possibly the most significant lesson I have learned by far, from managing several Facebook pages and building my online image/brand. It’s so much easier if you just want to get more likes, more shares and more comments. But how to get more of everything yet be able to keep the right image about yourself is another story.


Mũi tên và Khúc ca | The Arrow And The Song – Henry Longfellow

Tôi bắn mũi tên vào không trung Vun vút lao, tôi không nhìn rõ Nơi nào đó ở trên mặt đất Tên đã rơi không tiếng gọi mời Δ Tôi thở khúc hát vào không trung Thoang thoảng tan, tôi không thấu rõ Mắt ai tỏ, tầm nhìn vời vợi Lần theo lời của một khúc ca? Δ Mãi về sau, dưới gốc sồi già Tôi tìm thấy mũi tên không gãy Và khúc hát trọn vẹn trôi chảy Tôi tìm thấy trong tim bạn mình ΔΔΔ I shot an arrow into the air, It fell to earth, I knew…

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Là Mộng Trong Mơ | A Dream Within A Dream – Edgar Allan Poe

Ta hôn nhánh chân mày người nhé Rồi nói lời tạ từngười đây Giờ phút này ta thú nhận người hay Có gì sai đâu khi người nghĩ Ngày ta sống là ngày mộng thôi nhỉ Nhưng nếu hy vọng đã vụt bay Giữa đêm đen hay giữa ban ngày Trong tầm mắt hay khuất mày khuất mặt Khác gì đâu, có khác gì đâu nhỉ? Tất cả những gì ta ngỡ hoặc thấy Chỉ vậy thôi, là mộng trong mơ Ta đứng giữa tiếng sóng gầm bờ Nơi bảy nổi ba chìm vỗ đập Và ta giữ trong bàn…

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Đóa Hồng | The Rose – Amanda McBroom

Trái tim nào sợ tan vỡ Sao nhảy được điệu hoan ca Giấc mơ nào không thức dậy Cơ hội biết nơi đâu là Người kia không trao thân ấy Có lẽ cũng không cho đi Và linh hồn không dám chết Nào đâu biết sống là gì ΔΔΔ It’s the heart afraid of breaking That never learns to dance. It’s the dream afraid of waking That never takes the chance. It’s the one who won’t be taken Who cannot seem to give, And the soul afraid of dyin’ That never learns to live

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Có Một Bầu Trời Khác | There Is Another Sky – Emily Dickinson

Có một bầu trời khác Mãi bình yên sắc xanh Nơi đó ánh nắng khác Dù bóng tối còn quanh Δ Austin hỡi, đừng sợ cánh rừng tàn, Đừng màng chi đồng không tiếng vang Δ Nơi đây cánh rừng nhỏ Lá mãi mãi xanh tươi Nơi đây vườn sáng rõ Sương giá chưa gọi vời Δ Trên hoa thắm không tàn Tôi nghe chú ong hát Xin rước người em tôi Vườn đây, em về rồi. ΔΔΔ There is another sky, Ever serene and fair, And there is another sunshine, Though it be darkness there; Δ Never mind faded…

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Take Your Scent to the Rainbow

  Dear the dewdrop last night Thank you for giving a kiss So fresh and pure on the roses’ cheeks That I woke up to a velvet yard The dewdrop told me a tale Last night a rose felt back to ground The last thing she said was this: “Where my scent goes when I’m not around?” The dewdrop, oh dear, made a promise “I’ll take your scent to the rainbow Under the sun, hidden in mist Amongst the clouds, above all the winds.” Time goes by The dewdrop has faded away Time goes by I never know if he…

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