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Category: Diary

The lovely confidence.

Sometime I ask you why you didn’t find me earlier. You’ve visited my hometown several times, were there any chances we bumped into each other but then glided past? If we had found each other sooner, there would’ve been less pain we had to suffer. Or at least, on my side of the story. But then I realized such theory wasn’t right. Pains are good lessons to make us better. I’ve learnt a lot from it so that today I can be your own perfect girl. And the most important lesson is to learn how to be myself fully but…

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Another Day

So, I’ve started to write in English. Let’s say, my English is not quite good (and sometimes I even don’t feel like writing in Vietnamese), but I think it’s already the right time for me to give myself a chance. With practice, maybe one day I will see my works on somewhere in the States.

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